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Golmar Sistemas de Comunicación S.A. was set up in 1954, and one year later it manufactured its first intercom. The first door intercom was developed in 1958, followed some years later by the video door intercom, which is nowadays the most important product. More recently, based on its wide commercial network within Spain, it has expanded to the imports and sales of closed circuit TV and public address systems.

Exports began in 1968 and today account for over 30% of the company's production.

During the last quarter of 1997, it moved to its current office located in a modern, 6,500 m² building, near Exit 15 of the Ronda de Dalt in Cornellá de Llobregat (Barcelona).

Golmar was the first Spanish company in the industry to obtain the ISO 9000:2000 Certification, granted by the prestigious Swiss company SGS since 2001.

In 2004, it celebrated its 50th anniversary and created subsidiaries in three European countries.


Golmar is structured as a functional organization with Innovation, Operations, Commercial and Administration departments and is aware that nowadays, organization, process quality and information systems are closely related concepts.

In 2001, it implemented an integrated computer management system developed by Navision.

The company currently employs 130 people, 45 of whom perform commercial and technical advice activities in the company's eleven regional offices, which are equipped with show rooms in the main Spanish cities. This staff, along with a valuable network of representatives, promotes and guarantees an optimum level of customer service.


Golmar has 11 regional offices in Barcelona , Madrid , Vigo , Corunna, Bilbao , Girona, Palma de Mallorca , Valencia , Alicante , Seville and Malaga , as well as prestigious representatives in several smaller cities.

The Technical-Commercial department, made up of 7 product specialists, provides technical advice, both before and after sales.

The Technical Service department, which is made up of 12 employees working in the head office and in several regional offices, provides quality after-sales services to meet our clients' needs.

Sales within Spain is carried out by distributors of electrical goods, on a national or regional basis.


A key factor for success is the ability to develop new products and adapt them to each market's specific requirements.

Golmar has an Innovation Department, made up of nine professionals, which is more than 10% of the head office staff.

70% of sales in the past year were for products less than three years old.

In 1994, the company was the first in Spain to develop a digital entryphone-video intercom system. This, together with the launch of the first home automation video intercom on the Spanish market, is a clear example of innovative products.

The company also has sophisticated production and sales management systems in order to deliver its products in the shortest possible time, and a large warehouse that mantains regularly a stock from 30 to 90 days, according with the type of product.


Golmar has two training classrooms in its headquarters: a theory, lecture-type classroom with room for 40 people; and a practical laboratory with room for 12 people.

Product presentations and courses are regularly held in these classrooms, as well as at the distributors' premises.

Golmar is a collaborating partner of several manufacturer and installer associations, and has performed product presentations for the latter.


Exportation has been a main activity of the company since 1968. Currently, it accounts for more than 30% of production and has extended to over 25 countries, particularly to the demanding European Community members, reaching a leading position in Portugal and, most of all, in Holland.

So far, foreign sales have been through exclusive importers and distributors. However, in the last two years, Golmar has set up subsidiaries in France and Holland.

Whether directly or through its subsidiaries or distributors, Golmar takes part in the main fairs of the industry.

All in all, Golmar has embarked on an ambitious expansion project, which began in 1995, to become one of the main European manufacturers of the video door intercom field, as well as a national leading supplier providing global solutions in the intercom, public address and security systems.


C/ Silici, 13 · Pol. Ind. Famadas · E-08940 Cornellà de Llobregat (Barcelona) · Tel. +34 934 800 696 · Fax +34 934 742 404 · export@golmar.es · VAT: ES A08370314