• Technology: Plus
  • Unit type: With video
  • Unit type: Handset type
  • Unit type: Concierge

CETK-590 Plus concierge unit

Reference: CETK-590-PLUS

Product code: 11769715

EAN code:

  • "Plus" digital installation of CAT5 or 3 wires + coaxial cable.
  • Casing manufactured in ABS RAL9003 white colour.
  • 3,5” colour TFT LCD screen.
  • Brightness and color adjustments.
  • Laser engraved touch keypad with acoustic acknowledgement signal on push.
  • Detachable telephone cord with connectors.
  • RJ-45 additional connector for CAT5 wiring.
  • Surface installation through wall mounting connector (RCTK-Plus, not included).

Dimensions: 200(W) x 230(H) x 54(D) mm.


More information
  • Selectable language.
  • Privacy on audio, video and door open progresses.
  • On-Off push button with light indicator.
  • Electronic lock that requires a PIN code to switch the concierge unit on.
  • Video spy and auto switch-on functions.
  • A camera can be assigned to the concierge unit, that will be displayed on the apartment monitor during conversation with the concierge.
  • Input for EL562 receiver module, that allows video signal reception through a twisted pair wires, replacing the coaxial cable.
  • Three positions call volume regulator.
  • Connection to a secondary concierge unit with intercommunication function. During intercom function, calls from the door panel can be attended.
  • Management of up to 255,000 apartments in a total of 255 buildings with coded door panels (1,000 apartments on each building).
  • System programming through the keypad or USB port. Memedit programming software is available for Windows® and Android® based devices.
  • Transmission of the repertory content to other coded door panels or concierge units through the installation wires. Background tones in the handset confirm the call status. This information is also shown on the screen.
  • Two calling methods: direct entry of the apartment code or by searching the tenant name in the repertory.
  • Display messages with system status, miss calls with time and calling apartment details, ...
  • Door panel call capture, being possible to transfer it to the apartment; during the conversation between the concierge and the tenant, the door panel remains on hold and the door panel picture is displayed on the apartment unit.
  • Output for activation of a SAV-90 call repeater or a SAR-12/24 relay unit during call reception.
  • Activation of auxiliary devices (second camera, lights, ...) using a SAR-12/24 relay unit or through potential free contact output.