• Design: Nexa Aluminium
  • Design: Nexa Inox
  • Design: Nexa 90
  • Design: Nexa 60
  • Door station type: Audio
  • Door station type: Push buttons
  • Technology: 2Plus
  • Design: Nexa Inox Gold
  • Design: Nexa Inox Black
  • Design: Nexa 615

EL620/2Plus sound module

Reference: EL620/2PLUS

Product code: 11818620

EAN code:

  • For Nexa push buttons door panels.
  • "2Plus" two wires digital installation.
  • Sound module with independent door panel and telephone adjusting level volume.
  • Removable terminal connector for easy wiring.
  • Privacy on audio and door open progresses.
  • Electronic call with acoustic acknowledgement signal, confirming the call is in progress, the system is busy or the lock is activated.
  • Internal led shows short-circuited line status and other type of troubleshooting.
  • Connection to push button modules using small flat cables provided with the modules.
  • Includes two push buttons.


More information

Audio system with “2Plus” digital installation uses 2 unpolarized wires only (no matter about the way they are connected), being possible the connection of up to 120 telephones and combinations of up to 3 accesses (door panels) without switching units. Other onfigurations can be draft when combining “2Plus” system with “Plus” system by using CD-2Plus gateway. The necessary components for a system of these characteristics are:

  • These panels allow configurations of up to 120 push buttons; in case of a higher number of apartments coded panels can be used.
  • On buildings with one or several accesses (door panels), use one EL620/2Plus module for each panel.
  • When systems with more than 2 push buttons, order as many EL606D or EL610D digital push buttons electronic modules as required for the panel. On panels with more than one horizontal module, use one RAP-610D link cable for each additional horizontal module.
  • On residential condominiums with main entrance(s) door panel(s) and several internal buildings, configure the internal buildings as described on the previous paragraph, adding a CD-2Plus gateway on each. The main entrance(s) door panel(s) must be configured as “Plus” digital system, being the installation between them and the internal door panels of 4 wires.
  • Coded panels or porter’s exchanges can be used from “Plus” system. The use of a CD-2Plus gateway will be required.
  • Use T-5720 or T-5822VD telephones. The maximum number of units inside the same apartment is two (three in case of T-5822VD).
  • Use a FA-Plus/C power supply for each door panel, with no dependence on the telephones amount. In case of CD-2Plus gateway, use an additional FA-Plus/C power supply for each gateway.
  • Use a 12V d.c. lock release. Is it possible to use a.c. lock releases, by adding a TF-104 transformer.