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  • Design: Nexa Inox
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  • Design: Nexa Inox Gold
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  • Design: Nexa 615
  • Technology: IP G+

EL632/G+ sound module with camera

Reference: EL632/G+

Product code: 12325632

EAN code:

  • For Nexa push buttons door panels.
  • Digital IP "G+" installation with TCP/IP protocol.
  • Wide-angle camera and LED lighting controlled by light sensor.
  • Privacy on audio, video and door open progresses.
  • Prompt messages (language selectable) and coloured icons acknowledge the system status (call in progress, in communication, lock is activated or the system is busy).
  • Connection to push button modules using small flat cables provided with the modules.
  • Opening of two different doors from the same panel.
  • Removable terminal connector for easy wiring.
  • Includes two push buttons.


More information

The necessary components for a system of these characteristics are:

  • Use one EL632/G+ video module per panel.
  • In compositions with more than 2 pushbuttons, add one EL610D 10P module for every 10 pushbuttons until the desired number of pushbuttons is obtained (max. 132 pushbuttons).
  • Add one FA-G+ power supply unit for every 8 devices (outdoor panels, monitors...).
  • Make the distribution to the different devices using D4L-G+/PoE distributors with four outputs.
  • For distribution of the devices in IN/OUT to use injectors DCP/G+, accompanied of power supply FA-DC48/G+ and switches of Ethernet DCS/G+ in monitors.
  • Choose ART 7/G+ video units or ART 7W/G+ units with integrated wifi to receive calls through the free G2CALL app (available for Android and IOS).
  • Add ART 7/G+/PCM video units and ART 7W/G+/PCM if you want the indoor unit to have a PCM/G+ private call panel.