• Design: Nexa Aluminium
  • Door station type: Video
  • Door station type: Audio
  • Door station type: Coded call
  • Technology: GB2
  • Technology: GTwin
  • Technology: Plus

Nexa Aluminium coded panel

Reference: NAC

Product code: NAC

EAN code:

Nexa is the flagship modular panel from Golmar. Its lateral profiles not only makes the panel more robust, but gives the sensation it is floating on the wall. Much more than just a piece of metal.

The 1.8mm thick aluminium of the modules, and 4mm thick of the lateral profiles, ensure bond strength between the door panel modules. The anodized treatment makes it easy to clean.

Nexa frames are available in four different heights, for one, two, three and four modules. Frames can be horizontally linked to create the largest possible configuration of panels. Thanks to a wide variety of modules and accessories, you will be able to create the door panel that best matches your project.

Coded panels can be tailored depending on the needs: numeric keypad module or display module only or a combination of the above. When combined, it is also possible to add an alphabetic keypad ("Plus" technology only).

Enjoy Nexa and do your job with ease. The internal modules, with detachable connectors and easy connections through flat cables will save you effort, time and money.


More information

The main mechanical features of Nexa Aluminium modular panels are:

  • Front of 1.8mm. thick anodized extruded aluminium.
  • Wall frame where electronic modules are to be inserted.
  • Informative / camera window manufactured in polycarbonate.
  • Backlit numeric and alphabetic keypads with stainless steel covered push buttons.
  • OLED or TFT display modules with polycarbonate protection.
  • Closing heads and lateral profiles.

To configure a door panel:

  • Select a N1xxx grille module.
  • Choose a calling method: keypad, navigation module with display or combination of the above. Refer to the information provided with the specific audio or video module.
  • The maximum number of modules vertically placed is four; there is no limit for the number of modules to be placed horizontally. Select a embedding box and one N600x/AL assembling set according to the number of modules vertically placed.
  • In case of door panels with more than one horizontal module, order as many embedding boxes as horizontal modules the panel has. Use UC cable tunnels and N601x/AL assembling sets to attach them.

Once the door panel has been selected, complete it with the corresponding electronic modules, which will depend on the installation type:

  • "GB2" audio digital installation of 2 wires: EL642/GB2A
  • "GB2" video digital installation of 2 wires: EL632/GB2A.
  • "Plus" audio digital installation of 4 wires: EL642/Plus.
  • "Plus" video digital installation of CAT5 or 3 wires + coaxial cable: EL632/Plus.