• Technology: GB2
  • Unit type: With video
  • Unit type: Hands free
Golmar reserves the right to modify the technical characteristics, aesthetics and design without prior notice.

Vesta 2 SE GB2 4.3" hands free colour monitor

Reference: VESTA2 SE GB2

Product code: 11510139B

EAN code:

  • "GB2" two wires digital installation.
  • Casing manufactured in polished ABS white colour.
  • Acrylic glass for TFT protection.
  • 4.3” colour TFT LCD screen.
  • Capacitive touch buttons with acoustic confirmation on press.
  • Direct pushbuttons for the activation of lock-release 1 and 2.
  • Surface installation of 19mm. depth only.
  • Includes mounting connector.

Dimensions: 138(W) x 138(H) x 19(D) mm.


More information
  • Multi language graphic user interface.
  • Monitor programming through dip-switch.
  • Full duplex audio communication.
  • Privacy on audio, video and door open progresses.
  • Do not disturb function with light indication.
  • Possibility to automatically activate the lock when a call is received.
  • Video spy and auto switch-on functions of up to four door panels.
  • Input for door bell apartment push button.
  • Different call reception tones depending where the call is coming from.
  • Relief next to "communication" and "door opener" buttons to make it easier for visually handicapped people to use.
  • Output for activation of a SAR-12/24 relay unit during call reception.
  • Control of auxiliary devices, like staircase lights, using SAR-GB2 digital relay units.
  • Possibility to patrol four external cameras, using DQ-CAM-GB2 switching unit.
  • Automatic image or video recording of incoming calls (M-IP-GB2 image memory module required).
  • Intercommunication with other monitors in the same apartment (not selective) and with monitors from other apartments.
  • Use D2L-GB2 video distributors, according to the wiring run.
  • The maximum number of units inside the same apartment is four.