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  • Technology : G2+
  • Kit technology : G2+
  • Kit type : Kit Surface mount
  • Kit type : Kit Audio only


Reference : S4110/ART 1

Product code: 12204115

EAN code : 8429898023533

Soul audio door phone kit with 2-wire G2+ technology.


Composed of:

  • Door panel SOUL/1A audio vandal resistant with one push button.
  • Telephone ART 1/G2+ handsfree.
  • Power supply FA-G2+/LITE.

Up to 4 telephones in the same villa.

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Characteristics of the handsfree unit ART-1/G2+:

  • Duplex audio communication.
  • Secret audio communication and door opening.
  • Do not disturb function with indicator.
  • Connection to the entrance door pushbutton, which saves the use of the doorbell.
  • Different ringing tones depending on the place from where the call was made.
  • Status LEDs: door open, do not disturb, switched on.
  • Volume regulation.
  • Output to auxiliary call repeater.
  • Intercommunication with other units of the house.
  • Additional button to activate a second electric lock release connected to the outdoor panel, or to activate the staircase lights by using a SAR-G2+ digital relay unit.

 Dimensions: 86(W) x 154(H) x 31(D) mm.

Characteristics of the panel SOUL/1A:

Zamak front in graphite colour finish.
Vandal resistant (IK-07) and weatherproof (IP-44) door panel. 
Led icons indicate the different states of the system (call in progress, communication, door opening or occupied system).
Metallic call button.
Secret communication of audio and door opening.
Relay output for activation of two doors.
Surface installation. Includes rainshield. 
Dimensions: 90(W) x 170(H) x 27(D) mm.