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New G2+ system

The first installation with the new G2+ system has been realized in the city of Castelldefels (Barcelona), concretely in the Residential El Castell, with a total of 80 housings. It consists in 2 buildings of 40 dwellings each, provided with a ...

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Golmar Sistemas de Comunicación S.A.
Mediterranean style.

... More than 60 years of innovations.

Golmar’s history has been characterized by a clear and dedicated search of the excellence.

Golmar Sistemas de Comunicación S.A. was set up in 1954. The first door intercom was developed in 1958, followed some years later by the video door intercom, which today has become the most important product.

Export has been a main activity of the company since 1968. Currently, it accounts for more than 65% of production and has extended to over 45 countries, particularly to the demanding European Community members.

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