Ultra Low Light Cameras: The revolution in night surveillance


Security is a constant concern, and video surveillance plays a crucial role in protecting homes and businesses. One of the biggest challenges in video surveillance has always been the ability to capture high quality images in low light conditions or even in total darkness. This has led to the development of CCTV cameras with Ultra Low Light functionality, which represent a significant advance in video surveillance technology.


Unprecedented night vision


The most outstanding feature of Ultra Low Light cameras is their ability to capture images in extremely low light conditions. Unlike traditional cameras that rely on visible light or additional illumination, Ultra Low Light cameras make the most of even the smallest amount of available light. This means they can provide clear, sharp, colour images in night-time environments or in poorly lit areas.



Advanced technology


Ultra Low Light cameras achieve their amazing night vision capability through the most advanced technology. They use larger than conventional 1/1.8" image sensors and very bright optics with F1.0 aperture, the combination of which means that even in residual light, useful night-time images can be generated. In addition, the chipset used in our cameras not only has the artificial intelligence processing capability for applications such as facial recognition, human and vehicle detection, but also has a portion of the AI power resources dedicated to image optimisation, especially in the intelligent enhancement of image quality at night.

Equipped with red and blue LEDs, microphone and speaker, our cameras will be an important element in the active deterrence of your installation. Capable of switching on their LEDs in the event of a video analysis event and opening a two-way audio channel with our GolmarView App, they can also provide customisable audio messages in conjunction with our NVRs. Thus, they can give warnings in prohibited parking places, notify a person who is in a restricted area, and a host of other applications.



Versatile applications


Ultra Low Light functionality is not just limited to video surveillance. These cameras are ideal for a variety of applications, such as monitoring outdoor areas at night, monitoring environments with variable lighting or capturing crucial details in low-light situations. They are also especially useful in situations where additional light emission is not allowed, such as wildlife observation or security in museums, movie theatres and art galleries.



Major benefits

Increased Security: Effective night-time surveillance capability and improved image quality enhances the overall level of security.

Environmentally friendly: By eliminating the need for additional lights or lighting systems in general, Ultra Low Light cameras save energy and generate no light pollution.


Our offer

Initially, we are adding the following models to our offer, in bullet and fixed dome versions.

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