Quality policy

Quality is part of the company's strategy to consolidate the relevant position it maintains within Spain, and to reach a high position in the European and world markets.

The Quality Policy in Golmar is based on the following principles:



We try to understand the implicit and explicit needs of our clients, both current and future, in order to direct all our efforts towards innovation and renewal of our technology, products and services, so as to strengthen our competitive position in the market.

For this purpose, we have established appropriate communication channels with our clients in order to detect their needs and expectations as quickly as possible.

In our endeavours to provide customer satisfaction, we offer products and services that match our clients' needs, trying to beat our main competitors' offer in order to guarantee the fidelity of our existing customers, and earn the trust of new ones.

We develop our activity in compliance with legal regulations and ethical responsibilities based on integrity, collaboration and commitment to our clients, suppliers, shareholders, employees, collaborators and other interest groups.




The improvement of our products and services is the result of our efforts to be better every day. We seek reliability and better development and management procedures, and encourage our employees to take initiatives to enhance our performance.

Therefore, we must identify and satisfy their training needs, improve our information systems, promote fault detection as a source of improvement, and base our decisions on facts supported on data collection and analysis.



Clients appreciate our advice, design, product, attention, management, information and after-sales service as a whole. We must therefore continuously improve the relationship between the value provided to our customers and their expectations, using competitive technical and human resources and avoiding all the useless activities that add no value to the organization.


Download here the ISO 9001 certificate.