Plus technology

4 wires in electronic intercom.
3 wires + coaxial or 4 wires + twisted pair in video door entry.

Specifications of the system

  • Capacity to connect up to 120 monitors/telephones per building or channel on general and interior pushbutton type panels.

  • Management up to 255,000 coded outdoor panel monitors, distributed in a total of 255 buildings (1000 monitors per panel) or 15,240 monitors distributed in a maximum of 127 buildings with pushbutton panels (120 monitors per panel).

  • Integration of guard units CETK-590 PLUS (requieres RCTK-PLUS terminal).

  • Transfer calls from the outdoor panel to landlines or mobile devices.

  • Necessary to include in the installation the CD-PLUS/4N converter, the IT-4N and TF-104 transformer.

  • 105º wide-angle camera (EL632/PLUS P/T module) and guide for visual disability, through LEDs.

  • Audio module with individual panel and phone volume adjustments.

  • Optional video signal transmission: coaxial or twisted pair.

  • Privacy on audio and door open progresses.

  • Message broadcasting (selectable language) and coloured icons acknowledge the system status (call in progress, in communication, lock is activated or the system is busy).

  • Programmable door release activation time.

  • Removable connection terminals for easy connection.

Necessary elements

Use one EL642/PLUS sound module (audio only) or EL632/PLUS P/T (with color camera) per panel.
In compositions with more than two pushbuttons, add one EL610D 10P module for every 10 pushbuttons until the desired number of pushbuttons (max. 120 telephones or monitors) is obtained. If this number is exceeded, the following must be added in its place: coded panel modules (up to max. 255,000 addresses), on Nexa aluminum panels: N3301/AL (numeric keypad) or N3301A/AL (alphabetic keypad) and on Nexa stainless panels: NX3301 (numeric keypad) or NX3301A (alphabetic keypad).
For panels mounts with more than one horizontal module, use one long RAP-610D link cable for each additional horizontal module.
Possibility to include the compact coded panel CODE INOX (audio packs 6403/INOX or video packs 7403/INOX).
In the case of devices with several panels installed in a star structure, the use of an SU3-PLUS switching unit is recommended in order to reduce the length of the installation. Use one switching unit for each group of three panels.
Choose audio units with "Plus" or "One" technology (T-540 PLUS SE, NHEA PLUS SE or T-540 UNO SE) in case of audio installations.
For video installations choose between SZENA PLUS SE (requires RC-SZENA terminal), TEKNA-S PLUS and TEKNA-HF PLUS. The maximum number of units within an apartment, without additional power, is three.
In twisted pair installations, the EL562S module must be included in the TEKNA-S PLUS and TEKNA-HF PLUS monitors.
For the connection of the indoor units, use the D4L-PLUS distributors in installations of type 3 + coaxial, D6L-PLUS/2H in installations of 4 wires + twisted pair and D4L-PLUS/RJ45 to make installation sections with RJ-45 connection.

*In systems with some " One " telephone, the maximum number of units in the installation is reduced to 200 and the maximum distance to 200 metres between the farthest street panel and the last apartment. To increase the number of units or reach greater distances, use RD-Plus/Uno SE digital repeaters. In the interior panels of residential complexes that have a "One" telephone, use a repeater for each of these panels.
Use one FA-PLUS/C power supply for each group of 20 monitors or telephones, or one FA-PLUS power supply for each group of 50. Use one FA-PLUS/C power supply for each secondary equipment board with several accesses, and one for all switching units.
Use a 12Vdc electric door opener. It is possible to use an AC electric lock-release by adding a TF-104 transformer.

More documentation

Download a sample scheme of the system here.  

Technology information is available on the "downloads" tab of the EL642/PLUS and EL632/PLUS P/T control modules.

For more information please have a look to our technical documentation at or the Golmar Docs app available for Android and IOS.

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