Golmar and its commitment to quality and the environment.

Golmar Sistemas de Comunicación, S.A. ISO 9001 certified since May 2001, it is now committed to renewable energies.

On the roof of its headquarters in Cornellà de Llobregat, 176 photovoltaic panels have been installed with a total power of more than 75 kWp that will generate 115,000 kWh of clean and ecological electricity per year for the company's own consumption.

The energy surpluses that are produced mainly during the days when the facilities are closed for vacation periods and weekends will be injected into the electrical supply network, contributing to the sustainability of the population.

Thus, this measure will avoid emitting about 60 tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, a figure equivalent to that absorbed by a forest of 5,500 trees in a year.

The installation has state-of-the-art panels that ensure 85% power after 25 years of operation.

The execution of this solar project is part of the policy that the company has been developing to promote the circular economy.