• Apartment units
  • Unit type : With video
  • Unit type : Handset type
  • Unit type : Hands free
  • Technology : G2+
  • Technology : G2+

ART 4TH LITE/G2+ 4.3" monitor with handset

Reference : ART 4TH LITE/G2+

Product code: 12210400

EAN code : 8429898024011

  • “G2+” digital installation of 2 non-polarized wires.
  • Monitor with 4.3" color screen.
  • Case made of white ABS plastic.
  • Handset with built in induction loop amplifier, that allows hearing impaired users to activate “T” mode on their hearing aid.
  • Dual operation handset and handsfree communication. 
  • Surface mounting.

Dimensions: 150(W) x 155(H) x 35(D) mm.


-- Available from 2022 --

More information
  • Capacitive navigation buttons.
  • High efficiency loudspeakers.
  • Audio communications, video and secret door opening.
  • Video-spy functions, auto-start, doctor mode and do not disturb.
  • Intercommunication with other units of the house selectively.
  • Personalization of ring tones.
  • Connection to the entrance door pushbutton, which saves the use of the doorbell.
  • Up to 4 monitors in the same house without additional power.