• Design : Nexa 60
  • Design : Nexa 90
  • Design : Nexa Aluminium
  • Design : Nexa Inox
  • Design : Nexa Inox Black
  • Design : Nexa Inox Gold
  • Door station type : Audio
  • Door station type : Push buttons
  • Door stations : Technology
  • Technology : 4+n

EL651 SE sound module

Reference : EL651 SE

Product code: 11818651A

EAN code : 8429898023496

  • For Nexa push buttons door panels.
  • 4+n analogue installation.
  • For systems with several access doors.
  • External switching units are not required.
  • Sound module with independent door panel and telephone adjusting level volume.
  • Removable terminal connector for easy wiring.
  • Two selectable electronic call types, allowing the tenant to distinguish which door panel is calling.
  • Acoustic acknowledgement signal.
  • While busy channel conditions, acoustic tones are reproduced on the door panel if someone tries to make a call.
  • Handset hang recognition that removes busy channel fixed times.
  • Connection to push button modules using small flat cables provided with the modules.
  • Includes two push buttons.

More information

The necessary components for a 4+n system with several access doors are:

  • Use an EL651 sound module for each door panel.
  • When systems with more than 2 push buttons, order as many EL610A analog push buttons electronic modules as required for the panel. In case of panels with more than one horizontal module, use one RAP-610A link cable for each additional horizontal module.
  • Use electronic call telephones with 4+’n’ installation. The maximum number of units inside the same apartment is three.
  • A TF-104 transformer will be required for each door panel.
  • Use a 12V a.c. lock release.
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