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N4301/AL numeric keypad access control kit

Reference : N4301/AL

Product code: 11884301

EAN code : 8429898014326

Stand alone access control kit through numeric keypad.

Composed of:

More information
  • Front of 1.8mm. thick anodized extruded aluminium.
  • Backlit numeric keypad with stainless steel covered push buttons
  • Selectable acoustic acknowledgement signal on push.
  • Light status indication.
  • Removable terminal connector for easy wiring.
  • Tamper alarm.
  • 2 relay outputs (N/C or N/O) with independent remote activation input and panic output (12Vd.c.).
  • Remote activation inputs can be enabled / disabled through a programmable code.
  • Programmable activation time (1 to 99 sec.) and output mode (single shoot or stable).
  • 1,000 codes of 4, 5 or 6 digits. Each code can be programmed to activate a combination of outputs.
  • User codes and special codes can be changed without the need to enter into programming mode.
  • Access control can be disabled during a period of time after the introduction of a number of wrong consecutive codes.
  • Tamper alarm.
  • 12V a.c. or 18 to 24V d.c. power input.
  • Dimensions:
    • External: 128(W) x 153(H) mm.
    • Embedded: 99(W) x 133(H) x 56(D) mm.


Kit composed of:
N3301/AL access control module.
N6001/AL assembling set.
NCEV-90CS embedding box.
TF-104 transformer.
CV-14 12V c.a. lock release.