Tekna monitors

The Tekna line of monitors is available in different technologies:




  • Casing manufactured in polished ABS white colour.
  • 4.3" TFT LCD colour screen with brightness and colour adjustments.
  • Surface installation through connection terminal.
  • Micro-switch for programming.
  • Status indication LEDs. Call volume settings.
  • Video-spy and auto switch-on functions. "Doctor mode" function, automatic door opening.
  • Call to central guard unit.
  • Function buttons and access to advanced programming.
  • Activation of auxiliary functions (second door opener, staircase light...).
  • Input for door bell apartment push button.
  • Different call reception tones depending where the call is coming from.

specifications according to technology

  • Monitor for Plus, technology, installation through:
  • 3 common wires + coaxial (requires EL562S video receiver).
  • 4 common wires + twisted pair UTP cable.
  • Use video distributors D6L-Plus/2H (twisted pair video), D4L-Plus (coaxial cable video) or D4L-PLUS/RJ45 (UTP cable) depending on the topology of the installation.
  • Selective intercommunication with other Plus units (up to five) in the same apartment.
  • Output for connection to SAV-90 call repeater.
  • The maximum number of units within the same apartment, without additional power supply, is three.

  • Monitor for Vista Plus technology with 5 common wires.
  • Use D4L-R5 or D4L-R5R video distributors.
  • Output for connection to SAV-90 call repeater.
  • Up to 1 additional monitor or telephone per apartment (requires additional power supply FA-PLUS/C).

  • Monitor for Gtwin technology with installation in 2 non-polarized.
  • Use D4L-GTWIN video distributors.
  • IN/OUT connection (requires EL566 card in Tekna monitors and EL569 in Tekna-S and Tekna-HF versions).
  • Output for connection to SAV-GTWIN call repeater.
  • Intercommunication within the apartment and between different apartments in the same column.
  • The maximum number of units within the same apartment is 4 in parallel.

The monitors in detail

Tekna-HF models

Tekna-S models


Replacement frame Table stand  


Card for IN/OUT connection Card for IN/OUT connection Video receiver module for twisted pair
EL566 EL569 EL562S


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