The IP G + video door entry system at Sunset Waves Benidorm

The IP G + video door entry system is the latest technological innovation introduced by GOLMAR.

The IP G + system is based on an IP SIP - LINUX platform which does not need any server to work. It is totally flexible, scalable at any time and totally reliable.

Right from the start, we have a wide range of products to carry out practically any type of installation in the residential and tertiary sector.

Thus, the current range of products is composed by the 6502 SIXTY IP G + panel, available in aluminum and in black versions. The construction of the panel is 5 mm thick aluminum, with a degree of protection IP65 and an IK07, equipped with a 130º wide-angle camera, 4.3 ”TFT screen, backlit coded keypad with presence detector and RFID proximity reader.

For the indoor side we have two models of monitors. The ART 7 IPG +, a monitor with a 7 ”touch screen from which we can manage all the functions. It integrates an alarm with 4 inputs where it is possible to connect intrusion, smoke, gas or flood detectors, with a complete menu to arm, disarm and program each one of the outputs with the function that must be performed (instantaneous, delayed, etc. ). Another version available is the ART 7W IPG + monitor with a 7 ”touch screen, which incorporates a WIFI module built-in. This monitor can be  linked to the user's router and through the G2Call+ APP it is possible to receive the calls from the panel with audio and video to answer and open up to 2 access doors; In addition, the application offers the possibility to integrate IP ONVIF CCTV cameras, or individual WIFI residential home-cameras for each apartment. Also from the same application it is possible to receive notification of the alarms, as well as to activate and deactivate it.

An important novelty is the IP CE-G + concierge unit, with a 7 ”touch screen and a full menu, used to act as a management center for the entire system, allowing audio communication, connecting a CCTV camera to be able to see the concierge area and even receive general or private text messages.

Finally, we have the PCM/G+, a private call module to be used as apartment entrance panel. Connected directly to the monitor, it is a compact entry station built in a metal housing.

An important novelty that appears in this system refers to the intercom function, which can be carried out between all the residents of the complex. It is also possible to send text messages from a monitor or a concierge unit.


The first installation made with this system is located in Benidorm, Spain and it is the SUNSET WAVES development, from the prestigious American vacation apartments company TM.

This important project was awarded to GOLMAR with our IP G + system after seeing all the options available in the market. The installation consists in its first phase of 268 apartments distributed in two towers, with 6 interior accesses for each of the towers and 3 general accesses to the complex.

An ART 7 IPG + monitor has been installed in each apartment, from which it is possible to open 2 relays at each access doors; in this case the entrance to the tower and the access to its corresponding stair.

It is also possible to view up to 32 community IP cameras with ONVIF protocol. In this case, 10 units of our 8MPX CIP-24B model have been installed to cover the perimeter and a 32-channel NVR-432 recorder with 10TB of memory.

Another important function is that of access control. Each user can create and edit, from their own monitor, their access code that will dial on the keypad of the entrance panel to open the door.

At the exterior entrances, the compact 6502 SIXTY IP G + entrance panel in aluminum colour has been installed. The menu is available in 5 different languages, the repertory shows all the residents to which is possible to make a direct call or by dialling their corresponding code. In addition, owners can open the door through their personal code or an RFID proximity tag.

Optionally, the end user has the option to install the ART 7W IPG + monitor. Only one monitor should be replaced by another, not requiring any additional power supply or any other accessory. A QR code for downloading APP G2Call+ for ANDROID and iOS appears on the monitor screen. With a very simple procedure, the monitor is linked to user's WIFI being then possible to access all the functions of the monitor remotely with your mobile phone or tablet.

In this particular project 70 units of D4L-G +/POE switches and 34 FA-G + power supplies and 2 units of 8-port gigabit switches have been required to complete the installation in terms of network infrastructure.

No specific network knowledge is necessary for the system programming. The system is very simple and intuitive, and it is not necessary to assign any IP address to the elements that compose  the system, since they are generated automatically from the main entry panel.
Golmar G+ IP system use a full digital transmission, there is no any delay in the image or sound. The system offers a perfect audio and video quality at all times, as well as instant response to all selected functions. In regards of the commissioning process, once the main door entry  has been setup, it will transfer the information to the other elements of the installation. The next step will be carried out on the screen of each monitor, where we will indicate the number of the apartment and building to which it belongs.

In just one working day, the system integration company has been able to program the entire system without any difficulty, demonstrating the effectiveness and simplicity of this new system. It is even possible for a single person to perform programming in local mode.


                             6502 SIXTY PANEL                                      ART 7/G+ MONITOR                           PCM/G+ PRIVATE PANEL




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